Working hours is greatly shortened compared with before a software introduction, and sleeping time has increased because it can work smoothly.

AtoZ was introduced and it became easy the analysis, VTO, and to simulate.When it took pictures only of Cephal and facial and 'Simple orthodontics diagnosis'was started, the number of patients who started the orthodontic treatment increased and it became busy.

I think that the first use frequency of AtoZ is a multi this clinic.

The saying that the number of patients increased before it used it when AtoZ was introduced is true.

AtoZ wanting it very much was able finally to be bought.

Taking was smooth though it shifted to degital X-ray.

I bought AtoZ because I wanted the informed consent function of it.

'The match biting is a property through life.Let's treat without disregarding it at the specialist clinic.'I liked this comment.

The time of the consulting shortened after having used AtoZ.

The material of academic conference presentation was able to be made fast by using AtoZ.

Because the image was often transmitted, the communication of a engineer and a surgical doctor became smooth.

The number of orthodontic patients has increased by using AtoZ.

AtoZ has received the evaluation from not only Japan but also doctors in every country in the world.